Sample Letter to NY Legislator



Please use this letter as a guide – copy and paste it into a file and personalize it with your own thoughts about GMO Labeling and why your Assemblymember or Senator should support bill A.617/S.485. Then email or mail it. Easy peasy. If you feel like you need writing tips, we got ya covered. Check 'em out.


Find your Assemblymember here:

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[today’s date]

The Honorable [full name of legislator]

[district or Albany ] Office Address]

[New York State Assembly / New York State Senate]

[City, State Zip]


RE: [Assembly Bill A.617 / Senate Bill S.485]: An Act that provides for the labeling of food that is produced with genetic engineering offered for retail sale in New York


Dear [Assemblymember / Senator] [last name of legislator]:

My name is [first and last name] and as your constituent, I am writing to ask you to support and cosponsor Assembly Bill A.617 / Senate Bill S.485 – legislation that would require the labeling of food that has been produced with genetic engineering. These foods are also sometimes known as genetically modified organisms or GMOs.

I have a right to know what is in my food. GMOs are pervasive in the U.S. food system yet not adequately or independently safety assessed, engineered to be doused with toxic herbicides and/or produce their own insecticides, and unlabeled. I deserve the right to be able to make informed choices when choosing foods to buy for myself and my family. I urge you to stand up for my rights as an American and do everything in your power to help pass this legislation.


Thank you very much for your time. I would appreciate a reply letting me know your position on this incredibly important issue.



[your name]


[phone #]