Chefs for GMO Labeling

Join the chefs, restaurants, and other food professionals who have already signed our letter to New York State's elected officials in support of GMO labeling. Sign-on form is below.

Dear New York State Assemblymembers, Senators, and Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, are members of New York State’s professional food community. We are chefs, restaurant owners, farmers, food manufacturers, food retailers, farmers markets, and community supported agriculture (CSAs). We urge you to stand up for our rights as Americans to know what is in the food we are buying by passing legislation requiring food produced with genetically modified (“GMO”) ingredients offered for retail sale in New York State be labeled as such.

The vast majority of corn, soybean, sugar beet, canola, and cotton grown in the U.S. has been genetically modified by agrichemical companies to produce its own pesticide, withstand repeated sprayings with herbicides, or both. Ingredients derived from these GMO crops (e.g., high fructose corn syrup, sugar, soy) are estimated to be found in 70% of processed foods.

As food professionals, we know the importance of knowing what’s in your food and how it was grown—in fact our livelihoods depend on it. Yet Americans—many of whom have concerns about eating genetically modified foods—are still dining in the dark because the FDA doesn’t require GMO foods to be labeled as such. Consumers have a fundamental right to know what they are buying as well as choose the agricultural practices they want to support through their grocery purchases.

Sixty-four countries around the world have GMO labeling laws in place, giving half the world’s population the right to choose when it comes to GMO foods. Recent polls by The New York Times and Consumer Reports reveal that over 90% of Americans want GMO foods to be labeled. Yet the junk food companies, agrichemical companies, and industrialized farming associations have collectively spent over $100 million to date to kill labeling legislation in several states since 2012.

Labeling genetically modified foods is about ensuring transparency, more information, more choice, and more control for consumers. We already label whether fish is wild or farmed-raised; whether flavors and colors are natural or artificial; whether foods have been pasteurized, frozen, or irradiated; and in which country our fruit, vegetables, and beef have been produced. There’s no rational argument against labeling for GMOs, too.

New York’s state legislators need to prioritize people’s rights over corporate interests. Please endorse our fundamental right to know what’s in the food we eat by supporting and cosponsoring GMO food labeling legislation.



~ Tom Colicchio -- Chef / Restaurateur / Judge on "Top Chef" (New York, NY)
~ Mario Batali -- Chef / Restaurateur (New York, NY)
~ Bill Telepan -- Chef / Restaurateur (New York, NY)
~ Stephanie Sacks -- Culinary Nutritionist / Food Producer (Montauk, NY)
~ Steven Corte, Jr. -- Executive / Personal Chef (Seaford, NY)
~ Kirsten Connor -- Caterer (Brooklyn, NY)
~ Karen Ash -- Chef / Restaurateur (Angelica, NY)
~ Joane Elwell -- Personal Chef / Nutrition Consultant (Stanley, NY)
~ Kezia Snyder -- Personal Chef / Wellness Advisor (New York, NY)
~ Robin Males -- Personal Chef / Health Coach (New York, NY)
~ Martha Mata-Ovalle -- Personal Chef / Instructor (Brooklyn, NY)
~ Paul Strasser -- Chef (Saratoga Springs, NY)
~ James Haurey -- Chef / Restaurateur (Warwick, NY)
~ Paul Capozielli -- Chef / Restaurateur (Floral Park, NY)
~ Devin Mills -- Chef / Restaurateur (Big Indian, NY)
~ Kim Gordon -- Caterer (Canaan, NY)
~ Ken Williamson -- Personal Chef (New York, NY)
~ Michelle Vasiliu -- Chef (New Hyde Park, NY)
Kelsey Adami -- Restaurant Manager / PR (New York, NY)
~ Michael Schwartz -- Food Producer (Queens, NY)
~ Alberto Gonzales -- Food Producer / Consultant (New York, NY)
~ Paul Sorgule -- Restaurant Consultant (Saranac, NY)
~ Matt Weingarten -- Personal Chef / Culinary Director, Chef's Collaborative (Brooklyn, NY)
~ Paul Tsouflidis -- Chef / Restaurateur (Buffalo, NY)
~ Bhavani Jharoff -- Personal Chef (Old Westbury, NY)
~ Jay Lippin -- Executive Chef (Chappaqua, NY)
~ Rocco Verrigni -- Chef / Culinary Arts Professor (Saratoga Springs, NY)
~ Tim Hardiman -- Chef / Restaurateur (Utica, NY)
~ Kristen Leonard -- Chef (Cooperstown, NY)
~ Andy Bustin -- Chef (Cooperstown, NY)
~ Dana Leonark -- Chef (Cooperstown, NY)
~ Kyle Morris -- Chef (Cooperstown, NY)
~ Scott Damer -- Chef (Schoharie, NY)
~ Michele Ingles -- Personal Chef (Central Bridge, NY)
~ Karen Weiss -- Farm Owner / Manager (Voorheesville, NY)
~ Alex Sochinsky -- Chef Instructor (New York, NY)
~ Cristina Reece -- Personal Chef (Brooklyn, NY)
~ William De Filippis -- Chef / Restaurateur (Brooklyn, NY)
~ Jeffrey Butler -- Lead Chef Instructor (New York, NY)
~ Michele Thomas -- Culinary Educator (New York, NY)
~ Juren David -- Sr Coordinator, Pastry Arts (New York, NY)
~ Herve Malivert -- Chef (New York, NY)
~ Erica Pratico -- Restaurateur (Brooklyn, NY)
~ Michelle Doll Olson -- Chef Instructor (New York, NY)
~ Damien Raynor -- Chef (New York, NY)
~ Guido Magnaguagno -- Chef Instructor (New York, NY)
~ Danielle Santaniello -- Pastry Chef (New York, NY)
~ Candy Argondizza -- VP of Culinary/Pastry (New York, NY)
~ Kir Rodriguez -- Associate Pastry Coordinator (New York, NY)
~ Kelvin Jaquez -- Storeroom Coordinator (New York, NY)
~ Gabriel Ross -- Culinary Instructor (Brooklyn, NY)
~ Ray Dawson -- Director of Culinary Operations (New York, NY)
~ Scott Larson -- Lead Chef Instructor (New York, NY)
~ Benjamin Grebel -- Chef Instructor (New York, NY)
~ Marc Bauer -- Chef Instructor (New York, NY)
~ Paul Sochinsky -- Food Service (Brooklyn, NY)
~ Lindsay Busanich -- Pastry Chef (New York, NY)
~ John Cumming -- Chef (New York, NY)
~ Veronica Lindemann -- Senior Chef Instructor (New York, NY)
~ Steven Baiardi -- Cook (New York, NY)
~ Philippe Besson -- Chef Instructor (New York, NY)
~ Katherine Grizzanti -- Chef / Restaurateur / Farmer (Warwick, NY)
~ Annamaria Kosa -- Pastry Chef (New York, NY)
~ Erik Murnigham -- President, Culinary School (New York, NY)
~ Mimi Hill -- Pasty Chef Instructor (Brooklyn, NY)
~ Jansen Chan -- Director of Pastry Operations (New York, NY)
~ Alyssa Guidice -- Pastry Chef (Hicksville, NY)
~ Danielle Gaebel -- Head Chef / Baker (Narrowsburg, NY)
~ Deanna D'Angelo -- Personal Chef / Caterer (Andes, NY)

Out-of-State Supporters
~ Denise Killingsworth -- Caterer (Katy, TX)
~ Julie Francis -- Chef / Restaurateur (Cinncinnati, OH)
~ Marilyn Tanner -- CSA (Denver, CO)
~ Julie Doyle -- Personal Chef (Mariposa, CA)
~ Varouj Kachichian -- Chef / Health Consultant (Central Valley, CA)
~ Michael Durkin -- Restaurant/Personal Chef (Oakland, CA)
~ Elisa Eliot -- Chef / Food Producer (Sunrise, FL)
~ James Jabbur -- CSA (Houston, TX)
~ Michael Ingram -- Executive Chef (Franklin, TN)
~ Cynthia Naujelis -- CSA / Nutrition Coach (Sierra Vista, AZ)
~ Jane Ujhazi -- Chef / Restaurateur (Bandon, OR)
~ Alain Braux -- Executive Chef / Retailer (Austin, TX)
~ James Ricciuti -- Chef / Restaurateur (Olney, MD)
~ Kelli Wybrant -- Personal Chef (Chino Hills, CA)
~ John Meyers -- Chef / Demo Specialist (Tulsa, OK)
~ Crystal Meserole -- Restaurant Server / Farmer (Horseshoe, NC)
~ Brooke Sanders -- Founder / Community Organic Farmer (Medford, OR)
~ Jacky Rosic -- Personal Chef (Waterloo, IA)
~ Paco Rosic -- Personal Chef (Waterloo, IA)
~ Anna Rosic -- Restaurateur (Waterloo, IA)
~ Emily Lawton -- Personal Chef (Monroe, WA)
Dorit Dijk -- Personal Chef / Educator / Author (Los Angeles, CA)
~ Robin Riley -- Food Retailer / Marketing (Williamstown, MA)
~ Greg Roach -- Executive Chef (Williamstown, MA)
~ Robert Ubhaus -- Chef (East Hanover, NJ)
~ Brendan Cullinane -- Farmer / CSA (Franklin & Jersey City, NJ)
~ Dr. Paul Willis -- Physician / Nutritionist / Farmers Market (Makawao, HI)


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